Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to make a positive impact in the lives of young people
in your community!


  • COACHES to coach gender-specific teams of girls or boys in basketball, Olympic Handball and/or Flag Football after school
  • TUTORS to assist students with homework and academic skill-building activities after school
  • READERS to read to students and help foster and love of reading after school
  • COMPUTER LAB ASSISTANTS to monitor the utilization of computer labs and assist students with mastering technology skills after school
  • ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY COORDINATORS to assist in coordinating diverse learning activities to expose students to new experiences
  • KEYS TO COLLEGE PRESENTERS to present college-knowledge curriculum to a class during the school day
  • FIELD SUPERVISORS to work with LEARN staff to assist in supervising K-8 youth activities after school
  • PROGRAM ASSISTANTS to work with LEARN staff to provide day-to-day program operations support


Do you have any of the following areas of expertise or resources that could benefit LEARN?
  • PROVIDE INCENTIVES for student participation and achievements such as products, gift cards or services
  • PRESENT regarding your career and college experiences
  • FACILITATE WORKSHOPS on skills such as public speaking, resume writing, interview skills, financial literacy, etc.
  • OFFER INTERNSHIPS for high school students who have completed a 90-day leadership development course with LEARN
  • LEND EXPERTISE in the areas of fundraising, marketing, and networking
  • BECOME A SPONSOR for our community events

If you have an interest, please send an email to volunteer@learnla.org or complete the application below.

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