Our Mission

LEARN works to encourage a culture of learning by securing and providing resources to students and families in areas of need.

Our Core Values

LEARN works to encourage a Culture of Learning for its students and families by focusing on student centered interaction utilizing the Capturing Kids Heart Model for students from K-12 through our Core Values that are found to be existent in effective educational organizations. These values are:

To foster the belief that ALL children can learn through constant support and guidance of LEARN staff, strategic partners, children and their families.

To provide quality programing through proven strategies to keep students interested in school as active learners through high school and beyond.

To provide clearly specified benchmarks of success to achieve the highest quality of programming for students and families.

To provide a personalized and caring learning environment for students, parents and faculty to interact in.

To support rigorous and meaningful instruction for ALL students with applicable connections to the real world.

We’re Hiring!

We are looking for people who will encourage a culture of learning and are passionate about working with youth.