Our Mission

LEARN works to encourage a culture of learning by securing and providing resources to students and families in areas of need.

Our Core Values

LEARN works to encourage a Culture of Learning for it students and families by focusing on student centered interaction utilizing the Capturing Kids Heart Model for students from K-12 through our Core Values that are found to be existent in effective educational organizations. These values are:

  • To foster the belief that ALL children can learn through constant support and guidance of LEARN staff, strategic partners, children and their families.

  • To provide quality programing through proven strategies to keep students interested in school as active learners through high school and beyond.

  • To provide clearly specified benchmarks of success to achieve the highest quality of programming for students and families.

  • To provide a personalized and caring learning environment for students, parents and faculty to interact in.

  • To support rigorous and meaningful instruction for ALL students with applicable connections to the real world.

  • LEARN works to incorporate these values into its planning and implementation of programming for students and families in an effort to maximize the potential of those we serve.


  • Seriously, ASPIRE has changed my life. I love ASPIRE because it has helped me become more social, more active, and helped me get better grades. – Megan Divinagracia, Rio Hondo School (8th Grade Student)

  • LEARN’s ASPIRE program has been a great resource for my students because they help students build essential academic skills, and provide enrichment activities that will help them be successful in the future. – Cathy Reyes, Frank Wright Elementary School (6th Grade Teacher)

  • LEARN has provided the best academic support we could possibly give to our students. – Jeff Seymour, El Monte City School District (Former Superintendent)


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