Welcome to the PREP program page for Whittier High School! Here you can find dates, times and links to sign-up for any PREP programming. For any questions you may have, please see the bottom of the page to contact your assigned site coordinator.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Mahatma Gandhi

The PREP program provides free academic and enrichment programming after school for high school students in grades 9-12. Activities are developed based on surveyed students interests, such as tutoring labs, arts, physical fitness, as well as a Family Literacy component. The PREP program also provides students with free field trip opportunities as well as a daily snack when attending the program.

PREP is open to all currently enrolled Whittier High School students and is a drop in program. Any students who would like to participate feel free to stop by and say hello!

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Hey Cardinals!

Come check out our google classroom for extra help! Tutoring runs Monday-Thursday from 1:00 PM-4:00 PM. Click on the google classroom photo to join or you can use the classroom code: bl4rnwu

Hope to see you there!

Youth Leader – Rebekah Ortiz

I can help with History!


Youth Leader – Jeannette Gutierrez

I can help with English!


Youth Leader – Gloria Camacho

I can help with Spanish!


Youth Leader – Joshua Lim

I can help with Physics & Calculus!


Youth Leader – Mahmudul Howlader

I can help with Physics & Math!


Youth Leader – Samantha Lopez

I can help with Math, Science, & English!


Youth Leader – Brianna Villajin

I can help with English & Social Studies!


Youth Leader – Emily Rodriguez

I can help with Math & Spanish!


Youth Leader – Emily Villedrouin

I can help with English & Social Studies!


Site Coordinator – Beverly Beng

Hey Cardinals! I’m the PREP Site Coordinator!

Youth Leader – Joel Martinez

I can help with Spanish, Biology, & Psychology!


WHS Site Coordinator

Beverly Beng: beverly@learnla.org