School Supports

School Interventions & Alternative Supports

LEARN’s focus on creating a culture of learning is centered around our first core value, fostering the belief that all children can learn through constant support and guidance. We partner with schools to meet the needs of their school and provide the additional supports that students need.

Why should my school or district partner with LEARN for our transition from SES to Alternative Supports?


You know your students best.  We will work with you to design a program that meets the needs of your school and your students.


Curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards to ensure applicable connections are being made to what’s happening in the classroom.


Administrators will receive monthly reports stating the number of students served, hours completed and progress made to date.


College-career awareness is incorporated into the program to make learning relevant and meaningful.


Two parent nights built into the curriculum to demonstrate student work and provide a college-career awareness lesson.


Study skill development is incorporated into every session to help students become independent learners.

One-on-One Tutoring 

LEARN‘s proven four-step personalized approach will engage students to help them develop new academic skills and motivate them to thrive by:

  • Assessing the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as their attitude about school and learning
  • Creating a personalized Student Learning Plan with input from parents and teacher
  • Teaching by trained instructors combining proven, research-based strategies that will Capture Kid’s Hearts and their minds
  • Measuring and communicating progress on a regular basis to the student, parent and teacher.
Small Group Tutoring

Using our proven four-step approach from one-on-one tutoring, LEARN staff engage 3-4 students in a tutoring session to help schools maximize their financial resources to serve more students without sacrificing personalized instruction.  Tutors are trained on how to effectively develop an engaging learning environment with a group of students.

Large Group Skill-Building Enrichment

Skill-building enrichment programs are offered in both English Language Arts and Math. The Journalism Project is designed to improve English skills and provides support for language and literacy development via a specially designed journalism curriculum. The Engineering Project is designed to engage students in activities that are fun, exciting, and connect to the world in which they live. The curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Math Standards. Critical math skills will be reinforced as students communicate and collaborate in innovative, active, problem solving via a specially designed engineering curriculum.