Ledesma High School PREP Program

Ledesma PREP Program

Welcome to the PREP program page for Ledesma High School! Here you can find dates, times and links to sign-up for any PREP programming. For any questions you may have, please see the bottom of the page to contact your assigned site coordinator.

PREP Registration Forms: https://learnla.org/prepregistration/

  • PREP Academic Schedule

Math Lab 2:00-4:30pm (Monday-Friday)

General Tutoring 2:00-4:30pm (Monday-Friday)

  • PREP Enrichment Schedule

Astronomy Club 2:00-4:30pm (Monday-Thursday)

Attend PREP clubs for 10 day in a row & receive rewards!

PREP’s Participation Rewards:

  • Appreciation video by Youth Leaders!
  • Movie Day! (pick a movie of Youth Leaders options)
  • Ledesma Shirt/Sweater
  • Pick an activity for the day!

Meet the Youth Leaders:

Jazmin Amezquita

Astronomy: (Mon-Thurs)


Roxanne Madrigal

General Tutoring (Mon-Fri)


Monique Casta├▒eda

General Tutoring: (Mon-Fri)


Ms. Vizcaino

Math Lab: (Mon-Fri)


LHS Site Coordinator:

Alex Pichardo: apichardo@learnla.org